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In my opinion, Alex would be the best roommate during the TALONS camp. Alex and I have a lot in common, we both love basketball, we could have a lot of really interesting conversations about favourite teams or favourite players. Alex also likes art and read, which means that he can transition from a sport to doing something quite like reading, which I can also do. Like I said before, Alex and I have lots in common which means that we have many things to talk about with each other so we would never be bored of each other. We can actually learn new basketball skills from each other too by just talking about it, which would benefit both of us. In Alex’s description, he stated that basketball is the most important thing in his life, that means that he not a full on academic person, which is a big win for me as we can talk about things that aren’t school related in camp. That is important for me because I think that camp is a time were I can relax and forget about all the stress in school.  Alex also likes art and likes to read, which I also like. After a tiring day out camping, we can both relax back in the tent and read, and talk about our favourite scenes in different books. Unlike all the other people, Alex is the only one that has a sport on his description, which would mean that he would be way more comfortable outdoors than all the others, which would make the whole camping experience a much more enjoyable time. In the end, I believe that Alex is the best suited person to be my roommate because of his athleticism, many hobbies, and being non-scholastic.


2nd Post

I don’t think that Sam lying to everyone is okay, even though Dave and Morley benefited from it. A lot more people lost than those who were benefited from this lie. Think of it this way: Sam lied to almost everyone that knew him, which is way more people than his family. All of those who have been lied to didn’t gain anything but lost instead. People who would never visit Dave came and gave him a plethora of compliments just because Sam told a lie, did they benefit from the conversations? No, but Dave, on the other hand, received presents like vitamins and compliments such as “You look great…Dave.”. If you compare the ratio of the people who were lied too to the people who benefited, then you would realize that a lot more people lost things then the people who gained. From the start, Sam lied for his own benefits, which is not ok. If we think this all over again, Sam gained the most from this lie. He made himself seem stronger than he really is, got free ice cream, got teacher’s affection, and had lots of people talk to him. Sam was in an impossible quandary as he couldn’t decide whether he should tell the truth to everyone. After all, the lie that Sam gave was unacceptable because not everyone benefited from the lie and the people who were lied to surpasses the people who benefited.

1/3 of Novel Post

Day impressed me when he saved an innocent girl from a skiz fight(A street fight where you bet for money), even though he is the most wanted criminal that the Republic had set out to capture. Day almost got into trouble himself when he went and saved that girl, he later explained that he didn’t want to see someone innocent get hurt. From this, we can infer that Day is a very kind and caring person, he is different from all other criminals, who are selfish and only care about themselves. While kindness is a strength, it can also be a weakness. As a most wanted criminal, kindness cannot exist within or it will bring you all sorts of trouble, later in the story, this proves true. His family was getting inspected by the warfront soldiers, but Day couldn’t stand it, he burst out of his hiding place and took down the soldiers. Later, other military forces were alerted and Day was captured. The main thing that Day wants is to keep his family safe, but many things are stopping it from family. He is afraid that his little brother (He is infected by a mutant plague) will die so he will do anything to find a cure for him. Day was conflicted with himself in this section because he couldn’t decide if he should go and try to save his family because there were too many soldiers and he would get captured. I can personally connect to Day because I can’t stand it when my friends are unhappy or hurt, I would try anything to make them smile again. I think that I would’ve acted the same as Day, if my family or friends were hurt, then I would act before I think and do anything to help them.



Yao Ming may seem like just an average NBA player who somehow made it into the Hall of Fame, but to the hearts of many people, he is a hero and someone to look up too. Yao Ming should be considered as someone eminent because of his contributions towards the Chinese basketball associations and how he encouraged a lot of people in China to start playing basketball. Yao also changed the way Americans in the NBA looked at Asian basketball players, I believe that this “Ding” would change the entire future and will have a lasting impactimages.jpg

There were a lot of obstacles during the way, like racism, physical limitations, and criticism from the public. Yao Ming had to overcome all of them, he didn’t complain, he just did the best he can. Shaquille O’Neal, one of the NBA’s best centers once commented on Yao before a game, he said “Tell Yao Ming, ‘ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh.”’ According to statistics, Yao Ming had a total of 6 ankle injuries which caused him to miss 2 whole seasons and 250 games in total, but all of these obstacles didn’t stop him from being award MVP for 8 seasons. Yao changed the way the Chinese looks at the NBA, records shown that the most games watched in the NBA were all games that Yao Ming has played in. The CBA was also created in Yao’s honour, now basketball players all over China are participating in the CBA, more and more kids are becoming basketball players, it is now part of the P.E curriculum in China. Multiple Chinese basketball shows have started, showcasing the amazing skills that some of the Chinese players have. Yao Ming is now the president of the CBA.

We can learn a lot more from Yao Ming than most people think, Yao followed his dreams and eventually accomplished it through sheer determination and the will to get better. From him, we can learn that we need to be determined to achieve our goals and that it is eventually worth to go through all the obstacles and breaking past them one by one.

Yao Ming should be more recognized for his accomplishments than any other download.jpgbasketball player in history, he accomplished way more than any other basketball player has ever managed to do, better than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The main reason why I am drawn to him I because of the way he copes with all the racism and criticisms, I think that it is amazing how he was ok with it and eventually achieved greatness. Yao used his actions and showed the whole world that Asians can do just about anything that others can do, and encouraged people in China to start playing basketball.

Yao and I have a lot of similarities, ranging from something small like playing basketball to something more specific like determination. The main similarity is that we both want to prove people wrong, Yao wants to prove that Asians aren’t what everyone else thinks, and I want to prove my parents wrong, that I can actually be better than my sister academic wise. Yao and I are both determined, open-minded, friendly, unselfish and good-humoured, but there are a lot more qualities in Yao that I can learn from. I think I should be more generous and calm, Yao never held a grudge against anyone and was always forgiving, so I think that I can improve myself in those qualities. Independence is a major part of TALONS, it is also a skill that I would need to slowly develop. Yao was independent his whole basketball career. When he images-1.jpgwas in America, no one was with him, and no one supported him, he had to persevere through everything to achieve his goals. I believe he is the perfect example of whom I want to be in the future, and I think that TALONS will help medevelop a lot of those skills. I don’t think that Yao and I are that much different, we were both raised up in the same area so we both have the same habits of living. I think that the only main difference between us is that he is 53 cm taller than me and has more endurance.
Alex Espinoza – https://pac-12.com/article/2015/11/13/bill-walton-and-yao-ming-discuss-future-athletics-and-academics-pac-12-china-game
Yao Ming
Yao Ming Couldn’t Tell His Rockets Teammates They Called Him the Wrong Name
Yao Ming
The Britannica – https://www.britannica.com/biography/Yao-Ming






The screeched as I pushed it open, the hinges were so rusty that I had to give it a few kicks. The wind blew aimlessly, rain splashed against my face. The absence of sound and movement seemed unusual, but something more shocking was the filthy smell of burnt wood and rotting corpses. My feet made squishing noises against the mud, it felt like as if the mud was grabbing and pulling my feet into the earth. The shadows that the tombs created seemed like giant skeletal arms. Trees covered the graveyard, all bent at unnatural angles, as if they were trying to reach something. Heavy Mist covered my vision, I felt like a blind man trying to make my way through a swamp. All the graves were covered in dust and cobwebs like a cup covered with icing and toppings. I tried to make out what was written on the tombs, but just when I was about to wipe off some dust, I feel so slimy hands grab my shoulder. The smell of rotten flesh was so strong that it was acidic to my nostrils, whatever was behind me spoke three words, “ Don’t look back.” My spine turned to ice and I could hear my own heartbeat. I twirled around but nothing was to be seen. I knew that something wasn’t right, I got up at scrambled away, hoping that what I have just my own imagination. I could clearly hear creature digging their way out of the dirt, it was the sound of thousands of fingernails clawing a whiteboard. I ran faster and faster, away from the graveyard, I never looked back.


Life of a part-time Indian Question

In the story written by Sherman Alexie The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, Junior meets a series of barriers that stop him from having a normal life but the most significant barrier is his culture and racism. Unlike others, Junior is having trouble fitting in with many others. The one real home that he really has is with the reserve. Nobody else treats Junior the same way. If Junior is born in a different place and a different culture, then his life would be completely different. If Junior was born as a white kid, then he will have so much more friends. When Junior asked his parents if he could move to “Racist Rearden.” (56). He already knew that the kids there would make fun of him. If racism was not a thing, then Junior would not have had such a hard time deciding whether or not he should go to Rearden. During Junior’s second day at Rearden Penelope “Looked at [him] and sniffed.” (73). This proved racism towards Junior. If Junior is like any other white person, then the kids will not laugh at him, and maybe even respect him a little bit. The teachers will treat him differently as he is one of the smartest kids in the school. His culture also plays a huge role in his life. Because of his culture, Junior cannot do a lot of things that he wants to do. His culture also plays a part in deciding whether or not he should go to Rearden and start a new and better life. He did not want to be seen as a traitor, so he was very hesitant in his decision. While at Rearden, he also used a lot of habits in his culture, causing him to stand out. In conclusion, Junior’s life can be completely different if small things are changed in his life.



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