Eminent Introductory Blog Post

The famous Emperor Qin, also know as Zhao Zheng, completely changed how the world is today. He accomplished something that no one has ever done before, reunited an entire country. Emperor Qin is one of the more underrated people in this world, and I want to tell this world that this amazing person exists and he deserves more praise.

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Emporer Qin won the heart of his father Zhaungxiang and was made the heir of the throne at age 13, all of his brothers wanted him dead. But Qin, being the smartest of them all, was always able to avoid them and somehow get proof of what they are doing. Many of those who tried to assassinate Qin ended up either executed or exiled. Nine years later, Qin became king.

In 230 BC, King Zheng unleashed the final campaigns of the Warring States period, setting out to conquer the remaining independent kingdoms, one by one. The first state to fall was Hán, in 230 BC. Then Qin took advantage of natural disasters in 229 BC to invade and conquer Zhào, where Qin Shi Huang had been born. He now avenged his poor treatment as a child hostage there, seeking out and killing his enemies. Qin armies conquered the state of Zhao in 228 BC, the northern country of Yan in 226 BC, the small state of Wei in 225 BC, and the largest state and greatest challenge, Chu, in 223 BC. For the first time, all Chinese lands were unified under one powerful ruler. In that same year, King Zheng proclaimed himself the “First Emperor”, no longer a king in the old sense and now far surpassing the achievements of the old Zhou Dynasty rulers. The emperor ordered the Heshibi to made into the Imperial Seal, known as the “Heirloom Seal of the Realm”. The words, “Having received the Mandate from Heaven, may (the emperor) lead a long and prosperous life.” were written by Prime Minister Li Si, and carved onto the seal by Sun Shou. The Seal was later passed from emperor to emperor for generations to come. 

King Zheng also constructed something that might be even more famous then he is, the Terracotta Army. It consisted of 6,000 clay warriors, chariots and 40,000 real bronze weapons. It took 300,000 men to build the army. Some sources say that it took 720,000 men to build the tomb of Qin, in it were replicas of towers and scenic tower, over 100 rivers made with mercury were used to represent “the heavenly bodies” and crossbows rigged to shoot anyone who tried to break in. It is located at the bottom of Mount Li. We don’t know much about what’s inside the tomb as all the workmen were killed to maintain the secret.

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Emperor Qin and I live in completely different worlds, but we have many similarities. We both want to make some form of contribution to the world. I know what he is thinking when he decided to unite China, he wanted to do something that would shock the world, and I want to do the same thing. Qin was born in a huge family, and he is the youngest. The competition for him to get to where he is now is insane, he had to calculate and think ahead of all of his brothers become the heir to the throne. I can relate to him because I am also the youngest in my family. My sister has set very high standards for me and I am constantly trying to exceed those expectations. Qin is also never satisfied, he is prideful and wants to show the world what he has done, that is one of the reasons why he built the Terracotta army. However, unlike Qin, I don’t really want to become famous, I just want to live a normal life and somehow contribute to the world.

The reason why I chose Emperor Qin as my eminent person is because of how underrated he is. When I ask people who is the person who made the biggest contribution to the world, I would always hear Bill Gates or Martin Luther King jr, but Emporer Qin would never be on the list. If Qin never united China, encounters and trade routes with the rest of the world would happen much later or maybe even not at all. The different nations will still be at war with each other. I know that Emporer Qin may not be the most eminent person in the world, but he should definitely be one the top 10 list.

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