In-depth Intro Post

This year for in-depth, I’ll be trying something that I have never done before, covering a song, but making the style different to fit my own style. This is because I have always had a huge passion for music, but haven’t found a way to express it. Last year, I did music production, so this year I decided to take one step up and to take on a challenge. Every Thursday, after my basketball practice, I have decided to go over to my mentor’s studio to record and mix music, since I have two possible mentors, I’m still trying to figure out schedules to pick one mentor. For a final product, I might create a video of all of the mixing that I did and the process of recording the singing portion of the part. I am still in the process of deciding what generas of songs I want to cover because my voice is pretty deep and I belong in the base section. There aren’t that many songs that I listen to where the singer also has a deep voice. I have already started to do some digging to find some potential songs that I can practice on and a song that I might cover.

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