In-depth post #2 2020

During the semester break, I took one day off and spent it with my mentor. This was our official first meeting and it was more of a meetup to get to know each other better. We first started off our meeting by just talking about ourselves, our hobbies, our past, and what we would like to happen in the future. So while chatting with him, I learned about how he gained his experience as a singer. It was really cool to find out that my mentor use to be part of the army in China and what his friends in the army did a lot during their free time was sing songs about China. This sparked his interest in music and that’s what he continued to do even when he wasn’t in the army. Currently, he records songs and teaches other people how to sing as a secondary job. My current mentor also partners up occasionally with my mentor from last year because one sings while the other makes music, creating the perfect team to make songs.

Through my first meeting with my mentor, I learned that even the smallest passion can eventually turn into a career path. Through his childhood story, I learned to never deny anything, even if you think it is never going to happen. My mentor never thought that he would fall in love with singing and eventually go to teach others how to sing. He believes that it only happened because he kept an open mind while growing up and was always open to trying new things. My mentor believes that learning how to sing with him is just a process in life and learning as many skills as possible when I am still young opens a lot more opportunities for career paths in the future. His way of teaching really inspired me because everything he does while teaching all revolves around one philosophy that he believes would benefit a lot of people. Through his teachings, he slowly imposes the philosophy and you slowly start to learn what his philosophy is. I think that this style of teaching is very unique and not a lot of teachers teach like this. Like him, I believe that everything that I am learning right now are only tools to help me prepare for the future and pave more paths when I am deciding what I want to do. If I ever start mentoring someone, I want to copy his style of teaching because of how effective it is and how he isn’t only thinking about the present, but the future as well.

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