In-depth Blog 3

It was sad to hear that my original mentor, unfortunately, can not come back to Canada due to the corona virus, so I had to quickly contact and find my backup mentor, who, thankfully, was happy to help me out. So I quickly had a meeting with my mentor to get to know each other and to figure out the schedules, my mentor was really busy so it took some time before we could finally settle on a consistent date where we can meet every week. After the first 3 meetings, I slowly adapted to her teaching style. Unlike many teachers, she gives me the autonomy to go out and try new things, and she helps me try them while I meet roadblocks. Something that went particularly well with this teaching style is that I learn a lot more than I expected or wanted to learn. When I first met with my mentor, I already had a song in mind that I wanted to learn how to sing, but my mentor taught me to keep an open mind and showed me a variety of songs and different ways to sing them. She gave me a few examples of different singing styles then she set me free for 30 minutes to try out new ways to sing in the recording booth. I thought that it was really effective because I got to play around with all the equipment in the booth and play around with my voice, which I don’t usually do. While learning about singing, I realized how important your vocal cords actually are. Before our second mentor meeting, I went and hanged out with a lot of my friends, and I wasn’t very careful about my voice. When I met up with my mentor and started to practice singing, I found out that I couldn’t really sing because of how much I have talked before the meeting. Another giant roadblock that I have faced was my voice cracks. Ever since puberty hit, I constantly have voice cracks so a lot of times my voice cracks in the middle of practicing. My mentor already taught me some tricks to reduce voice cracks, like taking a deep breath and use the air coming out from the chest to sing instead of using the air that coming more from my head. To keep myself accountable, I always have contact with my mentor and whenever I have questions I call her and try to figure out an answer. My mentor also leaves me “homework” like learning how to sing a song in a particular style, and if I obvious;y haven’t practiced, then she wouldn’t teach me anything until I learned. This holds me accountable because I have created a schedule of everything that I need to learn and need to do before in-depth, and if I don’t do my homework, then everything will have to be pushed back by one week. Three strategies that I have thought of during my mentor meetings to improve the quality of the meetings is to first take notes on everything important that my mentor says. In my notebook, I have also included illustrations to help me remember different techniques when I get home and practice. Practicing at home also increases the effectiveness of our meetings. If I don’t practice what I am assigned, then we won’t move ahead and the next meeting would just be a waste. The last strategy that I have is to actually talk to other people who also sing and communicate with them about what I have learned. Being able to tell someone else what I learn furthermore shows my learning. It’s been more than one month since in-depth started and I’ve only met three times with my mentor, in these meetings, I learned the different tones of voice. I mainly focused on learning how to sing falsetto. Singing falsetto is incredibly hard especially with all of the voice cracks that I have so my mentor gave me some tips on how to sing. We haven’t gone too far into learning how to sing but I hope that future meetings will help me learn more about music

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