In-Depth 4

With the new Corona Virus pandemic, it has been really hard to communicate and work with my mentor to learn about singing and covering which made a huge barrier to success in in-depth. However, I have been constantly working on a solution to still be able to learn more about my passion. The new trend that is going around now is using an application called zoom, which is kind of like Facetime to continue online classes. I communicated with my mentor to try to hop on this trend to continue my learning, but zoom itself came with a lot of problems. First of all, each session on zoom was only 1 hour long and 1 hour definitely isn’t enough time to get a lot done, there was a membership option to pay and get unlimited time each session but it didn’t seem worth it. Secondly, the audio and video quality weren’t the best so sometimes it was hard to make out what the other was saying which made it very challenging. Eventually, I figured out a solution to some of those problems but Corona made the whole process way more challenging then it had to be. There is a glitch in zoom where it doesn’t recognize how many rooms you have opened so it is possible to open multiple rooms and keep switching rooms to bypass the 1-hour limit.

I new song has been released by the artist The Weeknd and I really like his new single HEARTLESS. So I’ve sent that song to my mentor to hopefully learn and record that song. I’ve been practicing on my own since I have a lot of time on my hands and also sent recordings to my mentor. I think something that works really well with social isolation is that I am constantly talking to my mentor and sending her clips. Before spring break, I would only contact her 2 or 3 times a week but now I find myself always talking to her. I also found out that I got much better at singing because I’m always playing music in my room and singing to them which is improving my skills subconsciously. I honestly believe that I should spend more time just relaxing and listening to the music that I love to fully understand a lot of the skills in singing and the different styles. I believe that I can definitely improve is actually practicing using autotune because that’s the skill that I lack and I always try to avoid doing. It is still hard for me to grasp how to make the voice on tune but not to robotic so I’ll have to set a schedule and plan for myself. I’m also trying to get my mentor to teach me more about autotune and a little less about singing because I’m already getting a good grasp of that. Hopefully the homework that my mentor will assign me will ensure that I learn what I have to learn about autotune.

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  1. Insightful and honest post. You are right! Many people in the world are turning to music, including singing, to help us though this tough time. This is a great skill to work on more now. Great way to relax and focus on something that you have control over. I look forward to a sound cloud recording in your next post!


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