In-depth post #5

Times have been rougher than ever, and with my mentor’s busy schedule, we haven’t met up as often as before. However, in the past two weeks, I have accomplished a lot. With little help from my mentor, I already finished my first cover song and published it on Spotify. I decided to cover the song Faded as it was really popular a few years ago and is still currently still one of my favourite songs. The song, however, is still the first one I made and the autotune is a little bit too much. I’m still trying to tweak it and figure out a way to reduce the autotune used but so far I haven’t had luck.

My mentor actually exposed me to a lot of opportunities for learning. For example, around January, she actually made me make a beat and background music that they were going to use at a Chinese music festival. She told me what genera she was looking for and gave me the autonomy to design it. During meetings with her, she also made me sing in front of the students that had a class with her next. To excel my learning, my mentor actually made a cover of a song and showed me all of the steps, and I, being a visual learner, learned a lot more quicker. I just have to do what my mentor did buy adapt it to my style and the songs that I like, which made me progress much faster in my in-depth. When we get together, we usually talk about music, talk about what songs are popular and what aspects of the songs make them popular. These conversations that we have may seem off-topic at times but they actually still connect to my in-depth project in subtle ways. I think the best thing about our relationship is that we are learning from each other. Since everyone has their own opinions about music, it is cool that we can see and write music in each other’s perspectives, not just our own. We also learn about each others lifestyle and especially with the Corona virus going on, we learn each other’s way of coping with it. My mentor likes to cook and read during her free time, and cooking happened to be another one of my passions. So we shared our recipes and learned about cooking too! I also followed the advice of my mentor and purchased a set of Sherlock Holmes books online and started to read them too!

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