In-Depth 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to my 2020 In-depth project. This year, I decided to create a sequel to my last years In-depth which was music production. My new In-depth is music covering, below is the link for my powerpoint.

Please remember to comment or ask any questions you guys have, thanks πŸ™‚



  1. Hi Jayson!

    I really liked your song; I think I might add it to my playlist. Do you think you can dabble in other genres of music? What other kinds of songs might you be interested in making?


  2. The song is incredible! What was your inspiration for choosing that song to cover? And how many hours did you spend working on this? Great job!


    1. Since I already had some knowledge of music production from last year, the time to make this song reduced significantly. It took me around 2 months to create and another 2 weeks to edit.


  3. Wonderful work, Jason. It must have been fun being able to work on the same project for the second year! I enjoyed reading the process of how you created your pop song. You mentioned early on in your presentation that the common routine for song production varies from style to style– how does the process differ through different eras of music? What prompted you to choose pop music production over other methods (are there other ones that you considered exploring?) and how do you think the implications of this method helped you best show the style that you wanted to convey? Great work again!


    1. Since different genres of music have different key components, the order in which you record changes because the first thing that you create is the base outline of the song. I chose pop music because I’m more familiar with it so it would be much easier for me to create a song in that genre.


    1. I think my favourite part of this project was the autotuning part because there are so many ways and different type of autotunes you can use, so it was incredibly fun to play around with all of them!


  4. The project looks amazing, your work definetly paid off for that song! I love the way you describe your steps/techniques you learned in the PowerPoint, it was very informative! Great job!


  5. Bro, I just listened to this three times on repeat, it seriously sounds so professional that’s crazy. This project isn’t going to “fade” from my memory. Keep it up!


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